fluffing is an activity that originated in the adult industry as a way of ensuring that a male porn star had sufficient stimulation to perform. As a metaphor however, its implications are much more widespread.

fluffer aims to get the verb "to fluff" into the dictionary by the year 2003.

fluffer salutes all people who have ever been brave enough to work in the adult industry.

fluffer acknowledges the tacit compliance between the worshipper and the worshipped.

fluffer feels the most interesting areas of sexuality lie between definitions.

fluffer sees the adult industry as exploitive only in the same way that all industries are exploitive.

fluffer champions feminine aspects of sexuality.

fluffer champions masculine aspects of sexuality.

fluffer rails against the hypocrisy of censorship.

fluffer acknowledges the link between random childhood experience and adult sexuality.

fluffer believes there is no line between art and pornography.